At Alotepeque, in the southern region of the country, the Jordan family has been growing coffee for the last 200 years. A significant turning point occurred when family member Mario assumed the role of managing the farm, and began cultivating high-quality coffee. Since then, the coffee trees are grown in a biodynamic ecosystem, nestled between honeycombs, avocados and bananas under a tropical canopy.

The farm is completely chemical-free, and the main water resource is the nearby river.

There are a multitude of different coffee varieties that can be found on the farm including Catuai, Pacamara and Geisha. All of the coffee is processed within the farm. Currently at Cafelix we have both natural and washed processed Pacamara and Catuai.

As part of our collaborative vision with the farm, our aim is to create a long-term relationship which includes the arrival of new coffee varieties from Alotepeque in the near future.