Farm: El Diviso

Producer: Nestor Neffer Lasso

Region: Huila

Altitude: 1850 masl

Nestor’s farm is in Huila, arguably the best coffee-production region in Colombia. Many Arabica varieties are grown on El Diviso and the current one we have is the Pink Bourbon.

Apart from coffee, there are citrus trees and plantains which provide an important source of natural shading. As of today, the farm is chemical and pest-free and all the agronomical treatments are natural.

There are different processing methods utilized on the farm. In the case of the Pink Bourbon, the cherries undergo a preliminary fermentation of 24 hours, after which they are pulped, followed by a second fermentation of 48 hours in an anaerobic environment. The process is finished with a careful washing of the beans, which generates a clean elegant cup.